Ben Gubler

Ben Gubler


Brigham Young University, Provo


Ben Gubler is interested in all things tech. Most of his programming is in JavaScript/TypeScript, but he also enjoys writing in Python, and sometimes Rust, Go, and C++.

He is the creator and lead developer of Squirrelly and Eta, two of the fastest JavaScript template engines. He is currently creating a Chrome Extension he plans to release soon.


  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web Design
  • Operating System Development


  • Brigham Young University

    Fall 2020 -

  • Maeser Preparatory Academy




Squirrelly is the fastest full-featured JS template engine available.


Eta is the fastest embedded JS template engine available.


Chrome extension that adds sticky notes to your new tab page


Chrome extension that converts the Esperanto x-system to accented characters


npm-to-yarn is an open-source NPM package that converts NPM CLI commands to Yarn CLI commands, and vice versa


JS & Node.js


Package Management & Dev


Raspberry Pi




Technology Writer

LogRocket Blog

Apr 2019 – Present
Paid freelance article-writer for software company LogRocket’s blog. Wrote about AI framework TensorFlow.js

Co-Teacher, 3-Week Computer Programming Class


Jan 2019 – Jan 2019 Utah

Taught high-schoolers how to:

  • Use Git and GitHub
  • Build websites using HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Use UI Frameworks like Semantic-UI
  • Deploy websites using GitHub Pages

Volunteer Youth Leader

All-Stars Camp

Jun 2017 – Jun 2019 Utah
Volunteer youth leader at week-long high-adventure leadership training camp

Ecuador Humanitarian Service


Jan 2016 – Dec 2016 Ecuador
3 weeks of service in orphanages in Ecuador

Lawn Mowing Business

Ben Gubler Lawnmowing

Jun 2015 – Aug 2017 Utah
Ran successful lawn-mowing business during the summers


Philo T. Farnsworth Governor’s award

Only recipient of the Philo T. Farnsworth Governor’s Award for outstanding scholarship and innovation in a technical field

AP Scholar Award

District Science Fair Winner

For a project involving semi-autonomous, coordinated swarm-bots

Lassonde Studios Scholarship

$1000 scholarship to Lassonde Studios at the U of U as a winner of the High School Utah Entrepreneur Challenge (HSUEC)

Rising Star Award

$1300 cash award for an innovative hammock design

Recent Posts

My New Site

Welcome to my new website! It’s built with Academic and Hugo, and deployed with Netlify.


I built a JS template engine 3x faster than EJS

I introduce Eta, a new embedded JavaScript template engine, and highlight its advantages over competitors such as EJS.

TensorFlow.js: An intro and analysis with use cases

I discuss TensorFlow.js, and outline possible use cases for it.

Introducing Squirrelly

I introduce Squirrelly, a new JS template engine. I highlight some of its features, like helpers and filters.